Cap Nap

"Janice" by Chip Ghigna
One-line ink drawing on paper

Cat Nap

Love sat
in my lap
like a cat
in a nap

and it was fun
to slowly run
my fingers there
and everywhere

to pet her fur
to hear her purr
to give her cream
inside my dream

©Charles Ghigna


"Magic City"
Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"


There’s a magic town down in Alabam’
Goes by the name of Birmin’ham.

Lives in the valley where the iron ore lies,
A shinin' city with crimson skies.

Up on the mountain there’s a steel-made man,
Sixty-feet tall with a torch in his hand.

He casts his spell of magic that keeps the city strong,
Like an old-time gospel singin' of Alabama's song.

Birmin'ham, Birmin'ham,
The magic city in Alabam'
No better city in all the land,
The magic city called Birmin'ham

©Charles Ghigna

Artists Are Children

Artists Are Children

Artists are children
Naive as a pup;
Artists are children
Who never grew up.

©Charles Ghigna

Hands That See

Hands That See

          for Chip

Your hands see
your eyes feel
beyond the real

clouds of blue
skies of white
painting color
into light

dreams awake
the sleeping mind
break the bonds
that keep us blind

you see life  
in grains of sand 
you hold light
within your hand

©Charles Ghigna

The Veiled Nun

The eyes of the artist
unearthed me,
saw through

my maiden marble,
carved me out
of my cold stone,

set me here
for you who stares
at my white eyes

that hide behind this solid veil
that holds your sight
inside my maker’s hands.

"The Veiled Nun" was inspired by the marble sculpture
of the same name by Giuseppe Croft (c. 1860)
that appears in the Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.
and written during my summer residency at the Kennedy Center.

©Charles Ghigna

Love is a Rose

"Charlotte's Heart" by Chip Ghigna
Acrylic on canvas

Rose Garden

         for Debra

Love is a rose,
Each petal a kiss;
I give you my garden
And more than this.

I give you my heart,
A blossom made new
By the love of my life
In the sunshine of you.

And if you permit me
This Valentine's Day,
I give you my garden,
My endless bouquet. 

©Charles Ghigna

"Trees on Fire" acrylic on canvas by Chip Ghigna

Trees On Fire

The trees have held their tongues too long
tonight they sing a dying song
crackle hiss sizzle pop
ashes soaring to the top
yellow red orange cry
confessing secrets to the sky

rings of trees
rings of fire
rings of flame
soaring higher

past the mast
of sailing clouds
past the echoed
cry of crowds

past the last
wisp of pine
hear them whistle
hear them whine

©Charles Ghigna